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Case Study: Aerial Drone Survey for the Rolling Meadows Festival

Updated: Mar 17

Introducing the Rolling Meadows Festival, an exciting newcomer to the event scene in Canterbury, New Zealand. Nestled within the picturesque Waipara region, just north of Christchurch, the festival finds its home on the sprawling grounds of the Bone Line Winery. As this venue lies beyond the urban confines of Christchurch, access to detailed aerial imagery presented a unique challenge. Typically, high-resolution imagery from local government bodies is reserved for major urban centers, leaving rural areas with less detailed coverage.

This distinctive circumstance posed a puzzle for the organizers of Rolling Meadows, who aimed to create a comprehensive site map encompassing all festival amenities and intricacies. To tackle this task, the expertise of Southern Drone Solutions was enlisted. Their mission: to conduct a high-resolution aerial survey of the festival grounds. Leveraging the capabilities of a DJI Phantom 4 equipped with Real Time Kinematics, along with a DJI D-RTK GPS base station, ensured the captured data achieved a level of precision that surpassed expectations.

With this wealth of data in hand, Southern Drone Solutions' GIS Analysts seamlessly transformed it into a range of invaluable spatial products. Among these were dynamic web maps, meticulously illustrating the festival's vital infrastructure and amenities through strategically placed points, lines, and polygons. This visual representation not only enabled a clear understanding of the festival layout but also facilitated efficient planning and coordination for the event organizers.

See the below example of how our aerial drone surveys can be combined with digital mapping to create useful resources for your next project.



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