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Drone Lens

Drone Asset Inspection

Southern Drone Solutions is your dedicated partner for advanced asset inspections, offering a seamless alternative to traditional methods. Leveraging our cutting-edge drone fleet, we provide an unparalleled perspective on your assets without the need for scaffolding, cherry pickers, or rope access. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering not only visually striking but also highly detailed imagery at superior resolutions, ensuring that every aspect of your assets is captured with exceptional clarity.

Our capabilities extend beyond the initial inspection. We provide a unique opportunity for you to revisit the aerial surveys over time, creating a comprehensive and accurate historical record of your assets. This iterative approach enables you to track changes, improvements, and potential concerns, offering a dynamic understanding of your assets' evolution. Southern Drone Solutions doesn't just provide snapshots; we offer a continuous, evolving narrative of your assets' history, empowering you with the insights needed for informed decision-making.

Industry Use Cases

There is a wide variety of use cases for our aerial inspection services, here are a few examples of how we can assist. 

Engineers on Solar Roof

Roof and Building Inspections

Revolutionize your approach to roof and building assessments with our drone asset inspection services. Our cost-effective solutions utilize drones to provide detailed inspections from ground level, ensuring the safety of the process while instilling confidence in the continued longevity of your valuable assets.


Power Line & Tower Inspections

Gain valuable knowledge and insight into power line assets with our specialized drone inspections. Our services improve safety, mitigate risks, and save costs in the power generation and distribution industries by offering a comprehensive view of the condition of power lines and towers.

White Drone

Roads and Rail Inspections

Optimize transportation infrastructure assessments with our drone infrastructure inspection services. Covering a range of needs from functionality assessments to data storage for comparative analysis and future maintenance predictions, our drones provide accurate and efficient inspections for the roads and rail industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of assets can be inspected using a drone? Drones can capture valuable data for a wide range of assets, both internal and external. This includes buildings, bridges, rail infrastructure, telecommunication towers, water reservoirs, and rooftops.

What is the proximity range for drone inspections? Drones can fly at close proximity to assets, capturing high-resolution images while ensuring a safe distance from the infrastructure. This allows for detailed inspections without compromising safety.

How to view the images/videos captured by the drone? Southern Drone Solutions will provide 3D imagery through the ArcGIS Online platform. This allows you to view the entire asset and zoom in on individual photos for a detailed analysis.

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