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Aerial Mapping Services

Historically aerial mapping services could only be provided by large institutions with satellite and full-scale aircraft setups. However, with the advent of drone technology, high-quality mapping surveys can now be undertaken using various drone technologies. Southern Drone Solutions has a fleet of specialised drone surveying equipment to create high-quality aerial surveys. The advantages of using drones to create aerial surveys is the fast deployment time, cost-effectiveniess and high resolution of data captured. 

Industry Use Cases

There is a wide variety of use cases for our aerial mapping services, here are a few examples of how we can assist. 

Construction Site Flyover_edited.jpg

Drones Surveys can be used on construction sites to capture the current state of the work site. The survey can then be repeated on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule creating a catalogue of data. This allows our clients to see progress over time. Southern Drones Solutions can provide reliable, repeatable and accurate drone surveys of construction sites. 

Agricultural Farm Mapping

Agricultural Farm Mapping

​Often farms fall outside of the areas of high-resolution imagery captured by local government organisations. With our fleet of drone equipment, we can fly the entirety of your property capturing high resolution images with centimetre accuracy. We can then supply the imagery on an interactive web map and calculate the exact land areas of all your paddocks. 

Enviromnetal Monitoring

Enviromnetal Monitoring

Drones have emerged as a game-changing technology in the realm of environmental monitoring, offering innovative solutions for assessing and safeguarding our natural ecosystems. These unmanned aerial vehicles enable researchers, conservationists, and government agencies to gather critical data with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Project Example

Here is an example of a orthomosaic we created of a construction site. Our high-resolution imagery captured by our Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK Drone allows you to zoom in even further and see absolute detail. Feel free to explore the map below and see the level of detail we were able to capture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What drones does Southern Drone Solutions use for Aerial Surveys? We operate the DJI Phantom 4 RTK & Matrice 300 RTK. We combine these drones with our DJI D-RTK Base Station to enable us to capture centimetre accurate surveys.

What level of accuracy are your drone surveys? The maps we create from our aerial surveys usually have a resolution of 1-3cm per pixel (1-3CM Ground sampling distance).

What products can you deliver with drone surveying? - High-resolution imagery - Terrain models with contours - Online interactive web maps to view your data.

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